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Dominick Ameno spent many years in carpentry shops throughout upstate New York making hand made kitchens cabinets and other high quality cabinetry. In 1987 Dominick decided to open his own business and started the NYC kitchen cabinetry company named Ameno Custom Cabinetry.

Ameno Custom Cabinetry moved premises in March 1996 to a new larger location in NYC. This gave him the opportunity to open a showroom where a huge selection of display kitchens can be viewed and tested for quality. Since then, Ameno Custom Cabinetry has remained a major player in the custom cabinet business.

In 2005, Dominick Ameno decided to take a step back from the long hours he was used to. Now in partial retirement, Dominick oversees the day to day operations but has put his talented hands into retirement. Most of Dominick Ameno's spare time is spent fishing and enjoying time with his six grandchildren.

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