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Wood Windows

Wood windows are traditionally known for their stylistic and functional merits. But wood is also one of the most versatile and easily customizable of window materials available.

Of the many enhancements we offer for wooden windows, window grids are one of our more popular and practical choices. The addition of window grids provides the look of divided light, emulating the classic styles found in Victorian, Cottage and Craftsmen architecture.

Currently, most wood windows are fortified with aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl components. These embellishments not only add further protection from the elements, but allow the wood to retain its natural warmth and aesthetic value with less maintenance.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is today's most popular and budget-friendly option in window materials without compromising comfort or energy. Vinyl is also a very versatile window material, available in many styles, including casement, sliding, double or single hung and awning.

Vinyl windows are ideal for insert replacements as well as full frame window replacements. And what's more, every vinyl window is made to order, and there are no custom window charges. No matter what your window measurements are, vinyl will be a perfect fit.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to meet your desired design. But before settling on certain design aspects like bronze anodized sliders or clear anodized casements, you must decide on a particular aluminum window frame structure:

  • Mechanically constructed or welded aluminum frame?
  • Thermally broken frame or non-thermally broken frame?

Mechanically constructed frames tend to be less expensive than welded aluminum frames. But welded frames tend to be more solidly constructed, with less reliance on caulking for leak prevention.

The term "thermally broken" simply means that an insulating material has been used to join the inside and outside elements of a window frame. This allows for less temperature transfer through the frame.

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