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Eliminator XL 29 Glide-Lock Insulated Siding

Eliminator XL 29 Glide-Lock Insulated Siding, Vinyl Siding Installation - Queens, Brooklyn NYC

Eliminator XL 29 Insulated Siding
with patented Glide-Lock Attachment System

The ONLY 29' Siding Panel on the market today!

The new and patented attachment system is designed to stop the expansion and contraction problems when vinyl siding is nailed or attached incorrectly. Our ferrule studs are evenly placed in 4" increments. You no longer have to worry that the nail was placed too far to one side of the nailing slot, or angled too high or too low. By fastening the siding through the ferrule studs, each fastener is now in the correct position. The ferrule studs also prevent the nail from being installed upward or downward. Now the attachment strip is fastened to the wall and allows the siding to expand and contract freely.

Eliminator XL 29 is attached with exterior screws for peace of mind installation.

Green Home Product for Green Living

Eliminator XL 29 Glide-Lock Insulated Siding is a green home product, allowing you and your family to live green, helping to preserve Earth?s precious resources while saving money on your home energy bills. By reducing your energy consumption by 30% or more with Eliminator XL 29 Insulated Siding, you and your family can feel proud to be part of the energy solution for years to come.

Insulated Siding is an Energy StarŪ-qualified insulation product, engineered and manufactured to satisfy the stringent standards of the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA. The EPA reports that household energy needs account for 35% of al U.S. emissions of carbon dioxides, 75% of sulfur dioxide and 38% of nitrogen oxides.

By utilizing energy-efficient, green home products and materials like Insulated Siding in your home, we can reduce the amount of air pollution generated by heating and cooling.

Eliminator XL 29 Glide-Lock Insulated Siding is a green home product throughout its lifecycle. Components are manufactured with minimal energy consumption and waste. Insulated Siding eliminates installation and exterior maintenance materials, reducing the use of hazardous or ozone-depleting products such as paints, stains and caulks.

Once installed, Eliminator XL 29 Glide-Lock Insulated Siding will remain in place without significant degradation for 50 years or more, reducing landfill deposits and performing for the life of your home.

About the Glide-Lock attachment system

The way vinyl siding is attached to your home today is the same as back in the late 1950's. The siding panels have improved greatly but the nailing hem hasn't changed much in almost 50 years. According to the manufactures and vinyl siding institute's installation instructions, every nail must be installed exactly in the center of the nailing hem nail hole.

If you are too far to the left or right, it can interfere with the expansion and contraction of the siding and you will see warping, wavy walls. Each nail must be installed straight into the wall, not pointing upward or downward. And to make matters even harder, each nail must be installed leaving 1/32" away from the wall. This must be done approximately 2500 times on an average siding job. If it's not done perfectly all 2500 times you could see warping and wavy walls as seen in this photo on right.

Did you know that you can go in any direction within 1 mile from where you are and see bad siding jobs? The Eliminator XL 29 solves this and makes every home look beautiful and straight walls every time.

We're #1 for Eliminator XL 29 Glide-Lock Insulated Siding and vinyl siding installation in NYC.